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EnglishMind The Age Gap (1105 stars)
Welcome to MIND THE age GAP - an online community and support forum for people in age gap or May December relationships. If you are in an older woman younger man / older man younger woman age gap rela
EnglishDTP Racing Forums (690 stars)
Racing Forums, automotive related chat forum., race talk
EnglishModded Mustangs (638 stars)
Ford Mustang Forums and performance modding community. Find tech articles and more for your Ford Mustang Ponycar.
EnglishOfftopicz (578 stars)
Offtopic chat forum for all things off topic.
EnglishXbox Forums 360 (480 stars)
Xbox Forums 360 is dedicated to news about the newest xbox platform as well as the software and hardware that drives it.
EnglishPolitical Hotwire (466 stars)
Political discussion for US and world politics, education, religion, news and current events.
EnglishClub2share (292 stars) is currently one of the largest P2P communities in the world, something we're quite proud of. The community started out specializing in the eDonkey/eMule network, but we've since expand
EnglishSound Domain (290 stars)
Car audio hardware forums
EnglishTeen Boards (285 stars)
A cool teen boards with teen discussions and roleplays and fun!
EnglishTarot Forum (265 stars)
Aeclectic Tarot Forum
EnglishPrison Talk (265 stars)
Prison and prisoner forums
EnglishChristian Forums (210 stars)
Christian forum community
EnglishDreamStrikes Mobile (85 stars)
We offer free download of Stuffs for your Mobile Phone and PC, and we also offer free mp3 download
EnglishvTuningRO (85 stars)
vTuningRO - Prima comunitate exclusiva virtual tuning din ROmania.
EnglishFord Mustang forums (46 stars)
Online community for the Ford Mustang enthusiast offering a message board, photos, videos, news and free classifieds.
EnglishHip Forums (41 stars)
Hippies forums (30 stars) - More than wrestling!
EnglishIPA Talk Paruresis (30 stars)
Paruresis discussion forum.
EnglishCool Teen Forums (30 stars)
A forum for teens on the web to hang out. We discuss everything from making pancakes to relationships to adolescent issues.
EnglishSales and Marketing Forum (23 stars)
We have an active sales and Marketing forum along with a list of sales tips, business, marketing and sales articles and business news, the ideal resource site for UK sales people.
EnglishGamer4um (20 stars)
Gamer forum, for gamers by gamers.
EnglishPeoples Forum (20 stars)
General discussion and debates forum
EnglishLive Daily (20 stars)
Music discussion forums
EnglishDaremedy (20 stars)
Webmaster discussion on numerous topics such as website design, programming, scripting, and operating systems with celebrity picture posting.
EnglishCompuForums (20 stars)
CompuForums is a free Computer Forum, discussing computers, technology, and othertopics. We are a friendly community, and are always open to new members!
EnglishLiterotica (17 stars)
Adult stories and erotic literature forum
EnglishAmerimoto (15 stars)
A forum dedicated to motocross discussions
EnglishMoney Saving Expert (15 stars)
Money Saving forum
EnglishWidges-Den (15 stars)
Great forum for general chat and fun freindly people.
EnglishIPA Talk - Paruresis forums (15 stars)
Paruresis discussion forum.
EnglishAll Metal Forums (15 stars)
The all metal forums are a place for music lovers to discuss rock and metal bands and music.
EnglishAgelesslove (15 stars)
EnglishDental Fear Central (11 stars)
Dental Anxiety, Fear and Phobia.An online support group for people with extreme dental phobias or fears.
EnglishGame Freaks 365 (10 stars)
Forum community for current-gen, next-gen and old-school consoles, PC and handhelds.
EnglishFunEnclave (10 stars)
One stop destination for clean jokes, funny messages, movie reviews and online games including a fanatasy formula-1 league.
EnglishXboard (10 stars)
File sharing forum
EnglishBodybuilding (10 stars)
Bodybuilding and fitness related forums (10 stars)
whichBB forums are our newest addition to whichBB and provide an excellent place for webmasters to discuss whichBB will forfil their community needs.
EnglishTheForums (10 stars)
The internet's most diverse discussion boards
EnglishLawina (10 stars)
Adult forum
EnglishHiphop Scenes (10 stars)
The ultimate hiphop forum. For acces the forum you need to register
EnglishPirate 4x4 (10 stars)
4x4 forum
EnglishSkyscraperpage (6 stars)
Architecture and construction forum
EnglishAC Aquarium (6 stars)
AC Aquarium forum is a general aquarium forum covering all different areas of aquarium keeping.
TurkishKocaeli University Forum (6 stars) is a message board for the students of Kocaeli University (KOU) and for the people who want to get known more about Kocaeli University in izmit / Turkey.
EnglishRPG (5 stars)
Roleplaying forums
EnglishPer Click Forums - Pay Per Click Marketing Forum (5 stars)
Per Click Forums is a community dedicated to learning and sharing ideas about Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Click (CPC) marketing using Google Adwords, MSN adCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing.
EnglishPhilosophers Legacy (5 stars)
A Metal Gear fansite with tons of content, walkthroughs, secrets, cheats, guides, faqs, and much more! Also a community forums with many features to discuss!
EnglishInfinite Origin (5 stars)
Infinite Origin provides a relaxed environment to talk about anything and everything, from everyday topics to intellegent, in-depth discussions.
EnglishFinal Fantasy Forums (5 stars)
Discussion on the popular series of computer and console role-playing games produced by Square Enix including a massive MMORPG system!
EnglishEntensity (5 stars)
Adult forum
TurkishAyyas (5 stars)
Turkey's best underground community.
EnglishClown Forum (5 stars)
Message board, live chat, and articles related to children's entertainment, clowning, balloon sculpture, juggling, magic, ventriloquism, story telling and face painting.
EnglisheBaum's World (5 stars)
General forum
EnglishGroupThink - SEO Forums (5 stars)
Discussions geared towards answering search engine optimization questions. Let the experts at Abalone Designs GroupThink answer your SEO questions.
EnglishFishing Forum (5 stars)
Discussion about fishing
EnglishTourbox Antalya (5 stars)
Advice for visitors to visitors to the Antalya, Belek and Kemer regions of Turkey.
EnglishFree Poker Forum (5 stars)
A free forum to discuss internet poker, strategy, tips, and more.
EnglishYouregypt Forum (5 stars)
Forum on EGYPT, its culture, history, travel attractions, people and lifestyle.
EnglishTrumpetMaster (5 stars)
Trumpet forums, trumpet employment, trumpet classifieds, trumpet chat
EnglishWebnauts Net Discussion Forums (5 stars)
Accessibility, SEO and Usability Discussion Forums (5 stars)
Politics, polls, debate. Earn
EnglishDracoy Forum (5 stars)
Downloads for Students in High School, games and other cool stuff
EnglishDelta Goodrem (5 stars)
Official Delta Goodrem forums
EnglishPrem's Forums (5 stars)
The Tech Forums's Foot Talk Forums (5 stars)
Can't find an answer to your foot or ankle question? Ask the pro's at in The Foot Talk Forums. We have board certifed podiatrists and pedorthists standing by that can help you with your
English440net (5 stars)
The ultimate audio & music forums for musicians, producers and sound engineers. Daily discussions on Audio, Music, Guitars, Synthesizers, Mac, PC, Musician
EnglishThe Mustang Forum (5 stars)
Mustang forum with gallery, blogs, product reviews and much more.
Englishv7n Webmaster Forum (5 stars)
Friendliest webmaster forum on the Internet! Discuss graphic design, scripting, web hosting issues or search engine optimization.
EnglishKeeping the British End Up (5 stars)
James Bond fans.
EnglishThe Piggy Farm (5 stars)
Webcomics forum
GermanIOFF (5 stars)
German TV forum
EnglishGSM Forum (5 stars)
GSM and mobile phone forums
EnglishKemistry Online (5 stars)
Fansite & Music Community
EnglishTrue Blogging Forum (5 stars)
Talk with other bloggers about blogging, blog promotion, monetization etc.
EnglishosCommerce Customizations (5 stars)
osCommerce Discussions and Help
GermanAbnehmen (5 stars)
Weight loss forums
EnglishCanadian PWC (5 stars)
Jetski discussion forum on numerous topics including Yamaha, Kawasaki, Sea-Doo, Tigershark, Polaris, Honda, Jet Ski Classifieds, Personal Watercraft Directory, news on racing and special events
EnglishSales Training Forum (5 stars)
Sales training forum and resources including articles, scripts and links. (5 stars)
First french speaking forum about horses ( we open an English equestrian board at
EnglishLatestnGreatest (5 stars)
Friendship and Love Advice Forums
EnglishEastFootball (5 stars)
Forum for fans of East of Scotland Football teams
EnglishThe Languedoc Forum (4 stars)
A forum for people visiting or living in Languedoc, France
EnglishHealth boards (4 stars)
Health and diseases forums
EnglishBest Molosses Ring (4 stars)
Short-coated Molossian dog breeds of medium-large size. Discussion, photos and videos.
EnglishThe Lord of the Rings Online (4 stars)
Fans forum
EnglishAdult Adventurers (4 stars)
Adult stories, roleplaying and sex forums
EnglishWannabe Big (4 stars)
Bodybuilding forums (2 stars)
Regional forum for cedar city. post jobs and classified ads
EnglishExcel Forum (2 stars)
Microsoft Excel help forum
EnglishCycling Forums (2 stars)
Cycling and bike racing forums
English12ozprophet (2 stars)
The largest graffiti and street art community online
EnglishWeb Rats (1 stars)
General and adult forum
EnglishAll-Acura Forums (1 stars)
Your Acura connection! Features everything from breaking news & new technology to recall notices!
Englishatforumz (1 stars)
General topics
EnglishVW vortex (1 stars)
Cars forum
EnglishAnabolex (1 stars)
Bodybuilding forums
ItalianBodyweb (1 stars)
Italian bodybuilding forums
EnglishPorn City (1 stars)
Adult webmaster forums
EnglishInsurance Forum (1 stars)
Online Insurance Community. Post your queries, suggestions, experiences and grievances related to insurance policies, agents and companies.
EnglishHouston imports (0 stars)
Houston import race scene forums (0 stars)
Webmaster help forums
EnglishBARF (0 stars)
Bay Area Riders Forum
GermanForum de Luxx (0 stars)
German computer hardware discussion forum
EnglishExquisitely Erotic (0 stars)
An adult community forum, you will find sexy, flirty fun, lively debates and discussions covering a variety of issues, erotic stories and poetry, amateur pictures, and much more.
EnglishBoxer World (0 stars)
Boxer owners forum
EnglishVB Forums (0 stars)
Visual Basic and microsoft .NET forums
Englishxbox 360 forum (0 stars)
forum for xbox360 and gen1 xbox owners
EnglishProtest Warrior (0 stars)
Right wing political discussion forum
EnglishMozillaZine (0 stars)
Mozilla support forums
EnglishRapture Ready (0 stars)
Christian forum
EnglishThe Sims (0 stars)
The Sims video game forum
EnglishReal GM (0 stars)
NBA basketball forums
EnglishFSW Forums (0 stars)
Fantasy football and baseball forums
EnglishSysopt (0 stars)
Computer hardware forums
EnglishWebmaster Tips & Tricks (0 stars)
Web design and development forums. Unique articles and tutorials, topics about: layout creation, coding, programming tips, working with a client, site promotion and SEO, running a successful forum and
EnglishRate Desi (0 stars)
Desi entertainment forums
ChineseDiscuz! (0 stars)
Chinese software support forum
EnglishConservative Forum (0 stars)
A politically oriented site that features blog, forums, and humor from a conservative perspective.
EnglishCD Freaks (0 stars)
CD and DVD forums
FrenchInfos du Net (0 stars)
French internet forums
EnglishDpreview (0 stars)
You can discuss about photography and digital cameras
GermanGamestar (0 stars)
German video games forums
SpanishForos PC (0 stars)
Spanish computer hardware forum
German3DCenter (0 stars)
Discussions about german 3D and other computer hardware
EnglishPearl Drum (0 stars)
Drummers forums
EnglishMP3 board (0 stars)
Music forum
EnglishTheOneRing (0 stars)
The One Ring: The White Council Forum
EnglishWebmaster community (0 stars)
For professionals seeking to discuss web programming, hosting, web business, web development, domain names, website reviews, freelance projects, contests, software discussion
EnglishKeenspot (0 stars)
Comics forum
EnglishPodiatry Arena (0 stars)
For discussion between podiatrists and other foot health professionals.
EnglishJJB (0 stars)
NSYNC fans forums
EnglishThe WB (0 stars)
Warner Bros forums
EnglishAllakhazam (0 stars)
Everquest and Final Fantasy XI forums
EnglishAxim Site (0 stars)
Dell support forums
EnglishBA Talk (0 stars)
BATalk General discussion forums. (0 stars)
Aviation forum
EnglishLife is a disease (0 stars)
A forum dedicated to science, politics, math and philosophy.
GermanBBS zene (0 stars)
German fitness & bodybuilding forums
ItalianHardware Upgrade (0 stars)
Computer hardware forums
EnglishBonsai Chat (0 stars)
An internet community dedicated to the art of bonsai. Features include a member bonsai gallery, articles, bonsai seed exchange, links and a friendly, helpful message board community.
EnglishHonda tech (0 stars)
Honda cars forums (0 stars)
Norvegian hardware forum
EnglishAussie Stock Forums (0 stars)
Discussion forums for Australian stockmarket investors and traders.
EnglishS2KI (0 stars)
Honda S2000 owners forum
EnglishHardware Zone (0 stars)
General forums
EnglishWeb Hosting Talk (0 stars)
Forums dedicated to web hosting discussions.
HungarianHWSW (0 stars)
Hungarian IT forum
PolishMiau (0 stars)
Polish forum for cat owners
GermanGulli:board (0 stars)
German general forum
EnglishDemocratic Underground (0 stars)
American left-wing political forum
EnglishLinux questions (0 stars)
Linux help forum
EnglishCreate Blog (0 stars)
Weblogs discussion and resources forum
EnglishWebmaster Trades (0 stars)
Webmaster Marketplace & Exchange. Stop paying $9.95 to sell your site! (0 stars)
Catholic message boards (0 stars)
Russian overclocking forum
EnglishModMustangs (0 stars)
website dedicated to modmustangs and racing
EnglishBaylor Fans (0 stars)
Baylor Bears fans forum
EnglishKirupa (0 stars)
Flash forums
EnglishDVD Talk (0 stars)
DVD and entertainment forums
EnglishDevShed (0 stars)
Programming and web development forums
EnglishWeebls Stuff (0 stars)
Humor forums
EnglishVR-zone (0 stars)
Hardware & overcloking forums
EnglishFirst To Go Forums (0 stars)
Talk about anything: Sports, Movies, TV, VideoGames, Jokes, Riddles, Anything, Random, Etc
EnglishBit Tech (0 stars)
Computers hardware forum
EnglishOfftopic (0 stars)
This is a discussion forum where you can talk about anything
EnglishCity of Heroes (0 stars)
City of Heroes forum
EnglishPC-Media tech (0 stars)
Computer hardware and software discussion
EnglishRandomsports Ultimate Sports Forum (0 stars)
Randomsports Ultimate Sports Forum
EnglishSiccness (0 stars)
Rap and hip-hop forums
EnglishGot apex (0 stars)
General forum
EnglishLotrplaza (0 stars)
Lord of The Rings fans forum
EnglishFantasy Football (0 stars)
News, information and discussion source for the NFL and fantasy football.
EnglishSuper Hero Hype (0 stars)
Comics and superheros forums
EnglishPetaling Jaya Net (0 stars)
Forum with general topics.
EnglishRotten Tomatoes (0 stars)
Movies and games forums
ChinesePopgo (0 stars)
Anime forum (in chinese)
EnglishSOHH (0 stars)
Hip Hop, culture and politics forums
FrenchPlayfrance (0 stars)
Playstation fans forum in french
EnglishBest-home-remedies (0 stars)
Join us to share the problems and solutions of your health.
EnglishLow Carber (0 stars)
Diet forums
EnglishMSI (0 stars)
Msi support forum
EnglishProject Management Knowledge Base (0 stars)
Project management portal offering peer discussion of planning, scheduling and management issues.
EnglishAllnurses (0 stars)
Forum for nurses (0 stars)
Computer hardware forums in french
EnglishUK webmaster (0 stars)
uk webmaster world, webmaster discussion forums, search engine optimisation discussions
EnglishMuscle forums (0 stars)
Bodybuilding forum
EnglishNinjashoes MMA Forum (0 stars)
A well rounded mixed martial arts community. We cover UFC, Pride, WFA, IFL and K-1. If its mixed martial arts(mma) or any other fight sport. Download mma fights, talk about Chuck Liddell, Fedor or Wan
EnglishGamereplays (0 stars)
A network gaming fansite for Discussions, Strategies, Clans and Tournaments
ItalianElaborare (0 stars)
Italian car tuning forums
EnglishDB Forums (0 stars)
Database design and administration forums
EnglishOutdoors Best (0 stars)
Fishing and hunting forums
ChineseEt8 (0 stars)
Chinese technology forums
EnglishFord Truck World (0 stars)
Ford trucks forums
EnglishTech Support Guy (0 stars)
Computer support forums
EnglishAro Fanatics (0 stars)
Fish discussion forum
GermanPlanet 3DNow! (0 stars)
German computers support forums
EnglishLonely Planet (0 stars)
Trip planning and travel forums
EnglishAmerica's Army (0 stars)
America's army video game forum
EnglishFinding out what the world thinks (0 stars)
Why things are the way they they are, This site presents topics for discussions in various
EnglishAnandTech (0 stars)
Computer hardware forums
PolishPCLab (0 stars)
Polish computer support forums - Pug Forum (0 stars)
International Pug forums. Read and talk about one of the most beloved dog breeds in the world, the Pug.
EnglishChristian Guitar Resources (0 stars)
Christian music fans forum
EnglishTechimo (0 stars)
Computer hardware forum (0 stars)
Romanian basketball for all and world basketball for romanians
SpanishACB (0 stars)
Spanish basketball league official forum
EnglishEvery Urban Thing Forums (0 stars)
An R'n'B and Hip Hop music forum with a variety of topics to discuss
EnglishExtreme Skins (0 stars)
Washington Redskins fans forum
GermanDVD inside (0 stars)
German DVD and movies forums
EnglishABX Zone (0 stars)
Computing forums
EnglishMy Math Forum (0 stars)
Various math forums, collections of problems, problem of the week, etc ...
GermanSpielerboard (0 stars)
German video games forum
EnglishNetpond (0 stars)
Adult webmasters forums
EnglishBlerbs (0 stars)
Blerbs is where anyone can come to talk about anything, come grab your daily cup of vodka
ItalianWintricks (0 stars)
Italian microsoft forums
EnglishStreet Hop (0 stars)
Tupac Shakur fans forums
EnglishWe're here (0 stars)
Flash and web development forums
English3DBuzz (0 stars)
This is a forum of 2D and 3D artists
EnglishHappy Hour Pub (0 stars)
Warm Beer, Lousy Conversation, Bad Food. But a fun place to hang out!
GermanDSL team (0 stars)
German DSL & providers forum
EnglishSpacebattles (0 stars)
sci-fi forum
EnglishIMDb (0 stars)
Movies forum
EnglishSpawn (0 stars)
Discussions about Spawn
EnglishWizards of the coast (0 stars)
Magic the gathering and other games forums
EnglishSpyMac (0 stars)
Macintosh and Apple forums
EnglishCodemasters (0 stars)
Official Codemasters Software Company Forum
EnglishFlashy boxers (0 stars)
Here to help better the Boxer breed.
EnglishBus web board (0 stars)
Health forum
EnglishMtbr (0 stars)
Mountain Bikes reviews forum
EnglishPure Australia (0 stars)
Pure Australia is an invaluable travel forum providing gap year travel advice for backpackers visiting Australia.
EnglishVeggie Boards (0 stars)
Vegetarian forums
RussianIXBT BBS (0 stars)
Russian hardware forum
EnglishRazer Games (0 stars)
Get the edge on gaming at Razer Games. Gaming discussion covering all the lastest games and even the classics.
FrenchForum Auto (0 stars)
HungarianProhardver (0 stars)
Hungarian computer forum
EnglishFlyerTalk (0 stars)
Frequent flyers forums
ChineseReve France (0 stars)
Forums about France
EnglishTiVo (0 stars)
TiVo digital recorder forums
EnglishThumper Talk (0 stars)
Motocross forums
EnglishSun Java forums (0 stars)
Java developers forum
EnglishThe Cat Site (0 stars)
Cats forums
EnglishWebitamine Community (0 stars)
Vitamine of the world wide web. News, Tourism, Travel, Magazine, Fun, Webmaster And More
GermanBeepWorld (0 stars)
German forum
EnglishInternet Infidels (0 stars)
Philosophical and debates forums
GermanComputer Base (0 stars)
German computer hardware forum
EnglishOfficial Baller Status Forum (0 stars)
Baller Status Forum Pretty much everyone talks here about anything all topics welcome
EnglishCarforums (0 stars)
Cars forum
TurkishTurkeyForum (0 stars)
Turkish satellite technology forum
EnglishCoachT (0 stars)
Tenessee high school sports forums
EnglishForum 4 Designers (0 stars)
Webdesign forums (0 stars)
German forums about Linux
EnglishFotoWeek (0 stars)
FotoWeek active photographer forum
FrenchJudge Hype (0 stars)
French games forums
EnglishInvisionFree (0 stars)
InvisionFree support forums
EnglishGeneral [M]ayhem (0 stars)
General discussion forums
SpanishInsomnia Games (0 stars)
Spanish games forum
GermanWBC Board (0 stars)
German software forum
EnglishWetCanvas (0 stars)
Cyber Living for Artists
EnglishMuse (0 stars)
Official forum for the band Muse
EnglishGaming World (0 stars)
Video games forums
EnglishSoccer Forum (0 stars)
A forum to talk about clubs, leagues, and competitions from around the world.
EnglishJokaroo (0 stars)
Adult humor forum
EnglishMega Tokyo (0 stars)
Online manga forum
EnglishForex Forums (0 stars)
Forex trading forums, trading guides and discussion among Forex traders.
EnglishNeowin (0 stars)
Microsoft windows forums
EnglishClub Vibes (0 stars)
Canadian clubbing forums
GermanMac User (0 stars)
Forum about mac
EnglishStudent Doctor (0 stars)
Health forum
EnglishPB Review (0 stars)
Paintball forum
EnglishLost Discussion (0 stars)
A forum dedicated to ABC's tv show, Lost.
EnglishGeoParent (0 stars)
Family life, parenting and pregnancy forums
EnglishBroadband reports (0 stars)
Broadband connection forums
FrenchClubic forums (0 stars)
Forum about computer hardware
EnglishBrewers Forums (0 stars)
Discussion forums for home brewing enthusiasts.
SpanishForocoches (0 stars)
Spanish cars forums
SwedishSweClockers (0 stars)
Swedish computer hardware forums
EnglishOverclockers (0 stars)
Overclocking and computer optimization forums
EnglishSportbikeworld (0 stars)
Sportbike forums
EnglishMacromedia (0 stars)
Macromedia support forums
EnglishThe Keep (0 stars)
A home to 3 webcomics an art contest a roleplaying section and more. Take a look inside the Keep and enjoy while you can
EnglishPiranha Fury (0 stars)
Piranha forums
FrenchRue montgallet (0 stars)
French computer prices comparison forums
NorwegianTransact (0 stars)
Norvegian general discussion forums
EnglishInvisionFree Skin Zone (0 stars)
Invision board customization
EnglishBig Big Savings (0 stars)
Special deals forums
EnglishWinamp (0 stars)
Winamp software support forum
EnglishHelping Moms Connect (0 stars)
Helping Moms Connect is a community where mothers can get together to discuss their children, recipes, health, and more.
EnglishJehovahs witness (0 stars)
Jehovahs witnesses community
FrenchTelecharger (0 stars)
French computer software forum
EnglishMadjack's Sports (0 stars)
Various sports forums
EnglishBlogring (0 stars)
Xanga forum
EnglishHost Board (0 stars)
General discussion message boards
EnglishComing Soon (0 stars)
Movies, television and celebrities forums
EnglishFilesharing Talk (0 stars)
Filesharing forum
EnglishLive-forum (0 stars)
Russian forum - Forum about all
GermanFlash Forum (0 stars)
German Flash forums
EnglishSkyscrapercity (0 stars)
Cityscapes and architecture forum
EnglishInvision Power Services (0 stars)
Support for the Invision bulletin board system
EnglishCGsociety (0 stars)
Official forum for digital artists
RussianDivx Club (0 stars)
Russian divx discussion forums
EnglishEmma Watson (0 stars)
Emma Watson fan forums
EnglishMobile Addict (0 stars)
Discussions about mobiles.
EnglishUniversal Psychic Guild (0 stars)
Universal Psychic Guild provides accurate psychic reading and immediate answers to your questions, by the guilds phone psychics.
EnglishFan Forum (0 stars)
Forum for celebrities fans
EnglishAnime Forums (0 stars)
Anime Forum community discussion.
EnglishWindow Cleaning (0 stars)
Discussions of professional window cleaning supplies and equipment, both safe usage and sourcing.
EnglishDigital Spy (0 stars)
General digital entertainment forums
FrenchMac Generation (0 stars)
Mac forums in french
EnglishPS3 Mob (0 stars)
The most exciting PS3 forum covering the new Playstation 3 launch, next-generation games, Sony PSP and more.
EnglishElite Fitness (0 stars)
Fitness and bodybuilding forums
EnglishCerulean Studios (0 stars)
EnglishThe Admiral's Lounge (0 stars)
Sci-fi board with many other places to post
EnglishProvida (0 stars)
Weight loss and health forums
GermanAqua Computer Systeme (0 stars)
Aqua Computer System support forum in german
EnglishSilent Forest (0 stars)
Friendly general talk forum for everyone. Categories such as pets, cooking, games, arts, media and much more. Every registered member can also create their own blog page. Welcome to visit us!
EnglishCooking Light (0 stars)
Cooking forums
EnglishArs Technica (0 stars)
Computer software forum
EnglishDis boards (0 stars)
Disney forums
EnglishGo Fuck Yourself (0 stars)
Adult webmaster discussion
EnglishRaGEZONE (0 stars)
Helping setup and develope mmorpg forums
EnglishLS2 (0 stars)
General Motors forums
EnglishGet Paid Forum (0 stars)
Forum for discussion of get paid to surf programs
EnglishThe Loco Forum (0 stars)
At Locoforum's you can discuss Loco Macheen and Dewayn Brothers events, shows, bluegrass music and buy art.
EnglishMaxima (0 stars)
Nissan maxima forums
EnglishRage 3D (0 stars)
ATI support forums
EnglishChanging shape (0 stars)
Health and fitness forum.
EnglishThe Sportbike Network (0 stars)
Motorbike racing forum
FrenchPresence PC (0 stars)
French computer talk
EnglishCruiseCritic (0 stars)
Cruise travel forum
GermanPiranho (0 stars)
German internet forum
EnglishStormfront (0 stars)
White nationalist community
EnglishPhpBB (0 stars)
PhpBB suport forum
EnglishMuscle Building Forum (0 stars)
Online muscle building community run by the guys from Muscle& As questions, get advice, log your training and more. There's always someone experienced to answer your questions.
EnglishMysticWicks (0 stars)
Online pagan community and pagan forums
EnglishGame Renders (0 stars)
Graphics forum - Free message boards, blogs & Surveys (0 stars)
Blog, forum and survey site for users to post any questions or comments that they want to discuss. Website also allows attachment of images or videos for added dimensions.
EnglishBasketball boards (0 stars)
Basketball and NBA fans forums
EnglishWebmaster Shed (0 stars)
Webmaster related forum where users can discuss topics like website promotion programming and design. So come join our community and help it grow!
EnglishBig Footy (0 stars)
Australian football league forum
GermanGeizhals (0 stars)
German computer hardware forum
EnglishTechHooked (0 stars)
A site dedicated to technology with a community where members can exchange views and opinions, and a Wiki, where they can learn and enrich its content.
SwedishAlltOmTV (0 stars)
TV and Movies forums
SpanishForos del web (0 stars)
Spanish webmaster forums
EnglishGamespot (0 stars)
Video games forum
EnglishSlacker Central (0 stars)
General discussion forum
EnglishMy Opera (0 stars)
Opera browser forums
EnglishDeviantart (0 stars)
Art - community of artists and those devoted to art
ItalianMultiplayer (0 stars)
Italian multiplayer games forums
EnglishHabbo Forum (0 stars)
Habbo virtual hotel forum
EnglishSitepoint (0 stars)
Webmaster Forums for Design
English2SG (0 stars)
Urban music forums
EnglishAdult webmaster info (0 stars)
Adult webmaster info forum
EnglishHarry Potter (0 stars)
The official Harry Potter forum
EnglishBlog Party (0 stars)
Forum for bloggers discussing technical issues and inspirational topics around the world of blogs
EnglishP!nk (0 stars)
Pink unofficial homepage forum. P!nk (Alecia Moore) fans community, talk about music, events or just Pink.
EnglishMac NN (0 stars)
Mac technical forum
EnglishMetallica Forums (0 stars)
A forum for the open discussion of the metal band Metallica.
EnglishTrance Addict (0 stars)
Trance music forums
EnglishK-v-R (0 stars)
Audio forum
EnglishWebmaster Serve (0 stars)
webmaster discussion forum for all webmaster around the world to come together to discuse all the webmaster issue
EnglishCoping With Epilepsy (0 stars)
A forum for people living with epilepsy to share experiences and offer peer support.
EnglishSlashdot (0 stars)
Technology news forum
EnglishCorvette Forum (0 stars)
Chevrolet corvette forum
ChineseKtzhk (0 stars)
Chinese filesharing forums
EnglishReef Central (0 stars)
Fish and Aquarium forums
EnglishPC Perspective (0 stars)
AMD processors and motherboards forums
EnglishCycle forums (0 stars)
Sportsbikes and motorcycling forums
EnglishGentoo forums (0 stars)
Gentoo linux forums
EnglishThe Laminate (0 stars)
The #1 source for hip-hop, rap and R&B backstage dirt.
PolishDog o mania (0 stars)
Polish forum for dog owners
EnglishSharky forums (0 stars)
Computer hardware forums
ItalianPolitica Online (0 stars)
Italian politics forums
PolishFrazpc (0 stars)
Polish hardware and software discussions
EnglishSpeedguide (0 stars)
Networking connections forums
EnglishThe Urban Scene (0 stars)
A forum dedicated to the Hip Hop/Urban Culture - RnB -
EnglishJust 2 Chat (0 stars)
Chat or rant about anything from recipies to politics. News and current events, pets, relationships, family and parenting, music, games, T.V. and more.
EnglishClutch BBS (0 stars)
Houston Rockets fans forums
EnglishAmbrosia (0 stars)
Ambrosia software forum
EnglishWebmaster Forum (0 stars)
A forum in which webmasters can unite to buy, sell, and trade services, sites, and resources.
EnglishTheforce (0 stars)
Star Wars fans forum
EnglishCode Guru (0 stars)
Programming forums
EnglishCareer Forum (0 stars)
A career forum to help you get the answers to the questions which you may have in back of your mind!
EnglishFreeones (0 stars)
Adult forum
EnglishTalk Depression (0 stars)
A peer support forum for those living with depression and other mental health issues. friendly and supportive
EnglishVisual Basic (0 stars)
Microsoft Visual Basic programming forums
EnglishSomething Awful (0 stars)
General discussion forums
EnglishPenny Arcade (0 stars)
Video games and comics forums
EnglishvBulletin (0 stars)
The official forum for the vBulletin forum software
EnglishAnimeboards (0 stars)
Anime message board for anime fans
EnglishMurmurs (0 stars)
R.E.M. fans forum
GermanPC Welt (0 stars)
German computer forum
RussianHenneth-annun (0 stars)
Lord of The Rings fans forum in russian
EnglishGentlemen's Cafe (0 stars)
Discussions about styles, gadget and more. Gentlemen's Cafe is the premier forum for man.
EnglishStileProject (0 stars)
Adult forum
EnglishSamsung Forum (0 stars)
Samsung Malaysia Community
EnglishHoward Stern (0 stars)
Howard Stern`s fan forum
SpanishFrozen Layer (0 stars)
Anime discussion forum in spanish
EnglishKiller Movies (0 stars)
Movies forums
FrenchMac bidouille (0 stars)
Mac fans forum in french
EnglishLow Carb Friends (0 stars)
Diets forum
EnglishAR15 (0 stars)
Guns and rifles forum
EnglishFree Web Space (0 stars)
Discussion forum about free web hosting
EnglishOzami (0 stars)
Jokes and sexy pictures
ChineseIM286 (0 stars)
Web design and programming forum in chinese
EnglishClub RSX (0 stars)
Honda RSX fans forums (0 stars)
Italian computer discussion forum
EnglishMoto GP (0 stars) is being promoted purely as a forum, as we believe that those who are passionate about motoGP need a well designed forum so that they can talk about all things motoGP with everyone
EnglishMustang world (0 stars)
Ford Mustang forums (0 stars)
Forums of a german computer magazine
EnglishFantasy Playmakers (0 stars)
Fantasy sports community and gaming center: news, analysis, sports talk and more
EnglishFlash Kit (0 stars)
Forums about Macromedia Flash and Shockwave
EnglishSaltwaterfish (0 stars)
Tropical fish forums
ChineseXD CAD (0 stars)
Chinese CAD design forum
EnglishWebmaster Trades (0 stars)
Webmaster Marketplace & Exchange. Stop paying $9.95 to sell your site!
EnglishPhysics Forums (0 stars)
Science, physics and maths forums (0 stars)
SQL and client-server forum
EnglishFat Wallet (0 stars)
Hot deals and coupons forums
PolishTweak (0 stars)
Polish computer hardware forum
EnglishThe ISO news (0 stars)
Forum about games, console and media
EnglishSpartan Tail Gate (0 stars)
Michigan state Spartans forum
EnglishGuru 3D (0 stars)
Video cards and computer hardware forum
EnglishSteve Hoffman (0 stars)
Music forums
EnglishNotebook Forums (0 stars)
Notebook discussion forum
EnglishThe Teen Hut Forums (0 stars) is a solitary resource for all teen advice. Teen forums is meeting point of teenagers for teen help and other teen related issues like dating, love, health. Visit us today.
EnglishLucas forums (0 stars)
George Lucas movies and games forums
FrenchPC INPact (0 stars)
French computer forum
EnglishHot DEALS (0 stars)
Hot Deals Forum
EnglishParadox Interactive (0 stars)
Paradox games forum
EnglishXtreme Systems (0 stars)
Computer forums
PolishMurator (0 stars)
Forum in polish
EnglishASP.NET (0 stars)
Microsoft ASP.NET support forums
EnglishGaiaonline (0 stars)
Anime roleplaying community
PolishSS Lazio (0 stars)
Best polish forum about SS Lazio Rome.
EnglishAtari Age (0 stars)
Atari console and video games forums
EnglishClanTemplates (0 stars)
Design Forum
EnglishReal Web Talk (0 stars)
The Ultimate Place for Webmasters. Discuss Web Design Development, Marketing, Advertising and Search Engine Optimisation.
EnglishVault Network (0 stars)
Role playing games forums
GermanElbenwaldforum (0 stars)
Lords of The Rings fans forum in german
EnglishIdolforums (0 stars)
American Idol series forums
EnglishCosplay (0 stars)
Cosplay anime fans forum
EnglishGizmondo Forum (0 stars)
Unofficial Gizmondo discussion forum.
EnglishAVS Forums (0 stars)
Audio, video and home cinema forums
EnglishMac Rumors (0 stars)
Mac news
EnglishFightEdge (0 stars)
UFC and Mixed Martial Arts training forum. Includes a world-wide database of MMA schools.
FrenchDoctissimo (0 stars)
French medical help and health forums
EnglishosCommerce (0 stars)
osCommerce support forums
EnglishOvusoft (0 stars)
Parenthood and pregnancy forums
EnglishReseller Ratings (0 stars)
Computer hardware forums
EnglishCrow's Nest Online Support Group (0 stars)
We're an online support group for survivors, family, friends, caregivers, and parents who have had their lives effected by brain injury or illness.
RussianNedug (0 stars)
Russian medical forum
RussianRU Board (0 stars)
Russian hardware forum
EnglishNASIOC Forums (0 stars)
Forums of the North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club (0 stars)
Computer and internet forum in german
EnglishAnimetribe (0 stars)
the place to talk about anime, manga, hentai and other anime related topics
EnglishBimmerforums (0 stars)
BMW car brand forums

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